About the Program



To strengthen the capacity of the Press Trust of India to effectively and more frequently report on climate change in India.


  • To train PTI journalists on skills and knowledge in alignment with AP news values on how to report on climate change in India.
  • To increase the number of PTI journalists, photographers and videographers to cover climate change.
  • To mentor and provide practical guidance to PTI participating journalists on reporting climate from the field.


  • To understand and apply the elements of a good climate story through AP standards for climate photos, text, and videos.
  • To effectively report on a climate story through the use of international reporting best practices, informed by local knowledge and nuances.
  • To be able to identify, plan, pitch and submit a high-quality climate story.
  • To learn and apply skills to localizing international climate stories and studies.
  • To use press releases to inform and drive a good climate story.


  • PTI partners are able to effectively pitch and cover a climate story of their initiative.
  • PTI partners are able to track sources for a climate story both local and international.
  • PTI partners are able to apply knowledge and skills to produce a good climate story, photo or video.
  • PTI partners are able to apply knowledge of international climate journalism best practices.